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Digger und die Minenräumer

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Wir sind weltweit der einzige nicht gewinnorientierte Hersteller (Stiftung/Unternehmen) von Maschinen zur Minenräumung.

Wo liegt da genau der Unterschied?

Dank dieser Philosophie kann Digger auf erfolgreiche Einsätze im Sudan- und Südsudan, im Tschad, in Senegal, in Mosambik, in Benin, in Bosnien und in Angola zurückblicken.



Remote-controlled and fully 360° armored, our demining machine has already proven its efficiency on the field on numerous occasions in more than 15 different countries. The DIGGER D-250 is compatible with a lot of Caterpillar tools (forklift, backhoe excavator, winch, etc) as well as with on-demand options. The machine can even be piloted in a thick dust cloud thanks to the optional camera system and embarked RTK-GPS. 

This video shows the resistance of the DIGGER D-250 to a blast of up to 8kgs of TNT explosive :



Our harness for free-running mine-detection dogs, developed in collaboration with the GICHD : Geneva International Center for Humanitarian Demining) is embedded with an electronic system allowing us to get rid of the leash - major obstacle to the huge potential of mine detection dogs. The dog handler can give oral commands to the dog from a distance through his smartphone which is connected to the speaker in the harness. In the integrated software, the handler can see all relevant statistics in real time on the smartphone : area covered, area left to cover, dog's position, GPS coordinates of probable mine alerts given by the dog, etc as well as the live video feed from the harness camera. Collected data is stored and can then be exported in a predefined report compatible with the IMSMA system developed by the GICHD.

Check out this video to learn more :



Our SCRAPER system allows the quick modification of almost any construction machines to render it remote controllable. This new system is particularly useful in a post-war context where a lot of explosive traps are still hidden under the rubble. SCRAPER will guarantee a safe distance for the operator who will pilot the machine through augmented reality goggles connected to a stereoscopic camera in the machine's cabin. SCRAPER is also useful when dangerous materials have to be moved or disposed of (radioactive material or chemicals) or in risky situations (collapsing buildings).Our DOME project combines the SMART harness and the SCRAPER system under the same information management system. Its potential in Syria or Iraq is huge.

Check out the presentation video here :