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Our Philosophy

Digger : who are we ?

The Digger Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation recognised as a public utility in Switzerland. It is based in Tavannes, in the Bernese Jura. The organisation promotes technical assistance projects in the field of humanitarian mine clearance. Operating under the name of DIGGER DTR, it develops, implements and markets mine clearance machines (demonstrating Swiss industrial and technological expertise) to assist mine clearers and significantly increase the efficiency of their work which is also made less dangerous and expensive as a result.

The Digger philosophy

Capacity building

Humanitarian purposes

Operational capacity


Technological innovation

International institutional relations

Tangible results

Leading-edge industrial know-how

Gender Equality!

What is the rationale of existence of a small not-for-profit structure in the atypical and highly specialized world of  humanitarian mechanical demining ?

 Due to its status, the Digger Foundation can’t reward shareholders. All the available means are dedicated to preparation of projects with governmental and operational partners, and to research and development. This characteristic leads de facto to a constant technological progression, which fits to the evolving needs of the users in the field.

 As an officially recognized of public utility organisation by the Swiss government, and ZEWO certified, the Digger Foundation is a direct interlocutor of the institutional donors, contrary to the commercial manufacturers. This approach paves a unique way to provide demining machines to requesting countries which do not have the means to access to such effective tools. This concept works. The concrete proof of this is to be found in the operations successfully conducted in Sudan, South Sudan, Chad, Senegal, Mozambique, Benin and Bosnia.

 In addition to being an interlocutor of the donors, the Digger Foundation, with its many years of experience and operations in about fifteen countries has become a recognised expert entity in this field of activities. Wether it be at technology level, efficient project design, logistic, training, standards and relationship within the international demining world, Digger is an honest partner, with a comprehensive know-how and renown for its professionalism.

 The institutional donors we have worked with in various field activities are unanimous. They describe Digger as an efficient partner, qualified and extremely motivated. In the humanitarian field, operations are not always proving to be a success, the outcome of the projects far from certain as contexts are complex and evolving. To work with a competent partner can make a real difference.

 Coming from the industrial world, the Digger founder, Frédéric Guerne, wished inject within the humanitarian demining world, the spirit of performance which prevails in it. With no compromises in regards of his ethic based upon helping others.

Prizes awarded to Digger

Paul Harris Fellow Award 2015

Prize CIWARA 2013

Prize Adéle Duttweiler 2004

Prize of the Industry Engineers Group (GII) 2003

Since its inception, the Digger Foundation is the recipient of several prestigious awards for its commiment, its tenacity and its inventiness.



Institutions and organisations placing their trust in us by financing field projects, demining machines, equipment or training.

Canton of Glarus / Internal and Economic Affairs

Canton of Obwalden / Federal Department of the Economy

City of Genève

City of Chêne-Bougeries

City of Vevey

Conseil du Jura bernois

Council of the canton of Basel City

DSR Foundation


Fondation Gobat pour la Paix

Migros culture percentage

Municipality of Arlesheim

Municipality of Chiasso

Municipality of Echandens

Municipality of Freienbach

Municipality of Moutier

Municipality of Wallisellen

Relief funds of Mennonite Churches of France, Germany, Nederland

Rodeo Foundation

Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation

Swiss Solidarity

Swisslos Fonds de loterie

United Nations Development Programme

World Without Mines