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Thierry Barrigue de Montvallon, mostly known as “Barrigue”, is a Waldensian editorial cartoonist, born in 1950 in Paris.

In Switzerland, he has long illustrated the Swiss newspaper Le Matin, as well as mathematics textbooks,  and, since 2009, Vigousse, the small satirical weekly from French-speaking Switzerland. He is also the author of the Barricatures and thematic albums, which are collections of his press drawings. Barrigue offers here a cynical drawing and one can understand that the landmines thematic inspires such. Let’s take it as a reminder against resignation and work together towards giving mankind sources of pride instead of shame.

“… Does stepping on it with my left foot bring good luck?”


I very often do cynical humour drawing.

This is one.

Drawing is also a weapon to denounce the cynism of death manufacturers.

My anger against this ‘human’ vileness will never be strong enough. With these landmines, we destroy the future and hope.

The future of our children.