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Didier Cuche

Didier Cuche is one of the most titled skiers, and certainly the most popular of his time. His distinctive titles of Swiss sportsman of the year and Swiss of the year are there to prove it. During his 19-year long career, he won a World Champion title, was medalist at the Olympic Games and six times winner of rankings by discipline and won the Kitzbühel descent five times, which is still a record to this day.

In 2012, he took a well deserved retirement.

“Let's close our eyes for a second and imagine that our own child is chasing butterflies in a field. Suddenly, he steps on a World War II mine that has remained buried ... Recently, I became a dad to a little boy, and therefore, the mutilation or death of an innocent child gives me a feeling of injustice, revolt and heartbreak. Despite all my will, I can not imagine and conceive that this situation is still possible to this day. As long as the construction and sale of antipersonnel mines continues, people in war-affected areas will continue to walk without knowing if each step will be their last. The Digger Foundation is therefore vitally important, which is why I actively support it.