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Frédéric Tissot

Medical Doctor (general practitioner and public health specialist) constantly speaking up against injustice, the M.D. Tissot has taken care of the poorest people, in the Maroccan Atlas, in Afghanistan, in Somalia, in Congo, in the Balkans or in refugee’s camp in the middle-east. He also was director of the watch and emergency Task Force at the French Minister of Foreign Affairs.

While on a humanitarian mission in Haïti, he was electrocuted by an arcing and left paraplegic. Bernard Kouchner, his humanitarian friend, who also happens to be M.D., appointed him first consul at the Iraqi Kurdistan, where he would stay on duty until 2012.

Today, he is the doctor in charge of coordinating housing requests from homeless people in Paris. The name of his course at Sciences Po Paris is “From humanitarian action to diplomacy – a multi-sided commitment.”

Frédéric Tissot

“On battlefields, in dark caves or on cold mountains, I saw many of them suffering, dying or saved, these men and women torn apart by landmines, bombs, wars. I respect the team of Digger, because it fights on a daily basis to save lives, those of the poorest, forgotten people living in the midst of conflicts, and it does it without consideration of the humanitarian business.

The men and women at Digger do not fight with bare hands, as I sometimes had to do due to the emergency, they rather work with demining machines, which are easy to operate and maintain, thanks to the fact that they have been developed after experiencing the harshest terrains. From the isolated bernese Jura, the same area where they started in a garage, Steve Jobs alike, the men and women at Digger use their engineering skills to ensure that everyone, even in the poorest region of the globe, can continue to live as standing human beings.”