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Jean-Daniel Nicoud

Jean-Daniel Nicoud had been professor of microinformatics at EPFL from 1974 to 2000. With his LAMI colleagues,  he has contributed to the development of personal computers (mouse,  Smaky line PC) and became interested to related area:  robots, neural networks and demining.   


Frédéric Guerne enhanced his interest for weapons by engaging himself in demining.

“In 1996, he is my first collaborator for the LAMI-EPFL Detec project. We conduct test in sand pit, we travel to Croatia, we spend one week in Cambodia to look for imitation mines with our ground penetrating radar. The aproach is not sustainable and, due to my departure from EPFL, the project does not continue.  But Frédéric has seen what to do to assist the deminers on the ground and he builds a first machine with enthusiastic friends. 

Digger DTR  is established in 1998 and the foundation in 2005. It has been growing well, alas modestly. Mines are out of the mind of politicians, but they are still numerous. All the more reason, then for supporting the outstanding work of Digger.”