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Luc Fellay

Commandant de corps (retraité), Senior Advisor GCSP et Président de la Commune de Champéry.

“I discovered the Digger Foundation through my connections! This brought me to a face-to-face meeting in situ with the team and the machine! What a wonderful surprise!

Indeed, the team is not only a young, motivated and efficient one, but is especially committed to demining, a crucial cause for the benefit of mankind.  Certainly, the machine is of high quality, taking all the existing environmental directives into account, combining demonstrated expertises and state-of-the-art technology,  operable all around the world and under extreme conditions, but the team and the Foundation's management, are above all the engine, the soul of the organisation. My back-up is to be explained by a strong support to their commitment for the benefit of the humanitarian demining, on the one hand, by developing  sought and required services and, in the other hand, by making available a Swiss quality machine of high-end performances, but accessible to any who wish to profit of it.

A small company with simple and dynamic structures, turned towards progress and quest for efficiency at a minimized cost.

Good wishes to these men and women who, by their selflessness and pugnacity, bring hope to live securely to suffering populations affected by past and present conflicts. A beautiful and noble task!”