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Stéphane Cattin

Stéphane Cattin, a forester-woodcutter, has worked behind the scenes of the «white circus» (competitive and alpine skiing circuit) for more than twenty years, during which he coached Michael von Grünigen. His rigorous work and his excellent management of the sportsman were rewarded by a series of successes from 2004 to 2009. After working at Fischer and Stöckli, this father of two was also the sales manager of the Vallorbe Metallurgical Factories.

Originally from Renan in the Bernese Jura, Stéphane Cattin returns to the world of skiing in 2015 and takes over the position of manager of the alpine sector at the Swiss Ski Federation. «His experiences not only as a coach but also in the ski industry, his management skills and his network in the economic and competitive skiing spheres are extremely valuable», said Markus Wolf, Chairman of the Swiss Ski federation Committee.

Stéphane Cattin with the DIGGER D-250 at DIGGER HQ in Tavannes, Switzerland

“The unfathomable number of IED's (Improvised Explosive Device) and mines hidden in combat zones prohibits the local population from returning safely and promptly to their homes. In most cases, this represents a massive outflow of people as well as humanitarian challenges that we can't tolerate anymore.

Given the lives at stake here, supporting DIGGER Foundation's legitimacy and ingeniosity is essential, even if it might seem like a drop in the ocean. Bravo and thank you to all the DIGGER team!”